Ectomorph Shoping

It seems to me that only a few programs are designed for Ectomorphs.
Please let me know wich might be a good match for me.
I AM 54, 5,11 140 pounds. I started 10 months ago at 130 pounds. Mostly i worked 6 days a week with up low split. I am hoping to to gain some muscles and strenght.
From machines at first i now use mostly pulies, body weight and free weights.
I enjoy working out frequently.
Thanks in advance.

Try Super Squats. I think the book is by Randall Strossen. Super squats is one of the most comprehensive, total body lifting programs I have ever used. With Super Squats I gained 20 pounds (175-195), increased strength, and my conditioning went berserk. Hope this helps.

Thanks, i hope santa sends you a calculator

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Thanks, i hope santa sends you a calculator[/quote]


Your changes will need to be in your diet more than anything else. I find most people who say they are ‘ectomorphs’ simply don’t eat enough food.

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