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Ectomorph question

Hey All,

I’ve got a question. I’m a pretty small guy, 5’10" 150lbs, and my main goal is to gain some size. I read in a previous post that ectomorphs should only work out three days a week. So would that mon, wed, fri, the weekend off, and start again on monday?



Hi anton.I was an ectomorph of the worst kind before I started training with weights. People used to tell that it would be impossible for me to get big becouse I didn t have the genes…Now people tell just the opposite! That I must have been big already, before I started training! Morons…You asked how often you should train…It depends on your training volume and intensity. training six days a week can be the same thing as training three times a week…depends on how you look at it.nobody can just say: you must train three times a week…without being more spesific… Some people say that ectomorphs recuperate more quickly becouse of their fast metabolism…

Eat…Lift…Search the site…Eat…Lift…Search the site… etc…Seriously man, this site has tons of info for you. Search diets/training protocols first. Go to the weekly “Doubletake” articles.

Howdy. I’d class myself as an ectomorph. Started at about 60kg(132lbs)(6’) with the skinny-fat look some people talk about at times on the forum and in T-Mag. 3 years later I’m still not HUGE, but definitely bigger. Now at 75kg(165lbs) and leaner. 10lbs a year aint bad, and my growth has been steady, primarily due to learning better techniques and principles as time goes by. My best growth phase was actually in my third year, when I started the SEE-food diet. I SEE food, and I eat it! Man, you’re gunna have to eat a f@ckin’ sh!t load of food to gain weight! I wish I’d properly realised that when I started… [shrug]

Like the other guys said, read T-Mag religiously, and follow the principles it teaches you. You CAN do it bud! Never think it’s impossible!