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Ectomorph = Hypothyroid?

Dr Alford put out an paper on thyroid production and its physiological effects:

Just read this article, and he basically concludes that ectomorphs are hypothyroidic like endomorphs? I thought most were hyperthyroidic.

One thing confused me: In his last paragraph, About the Author, he says
“Before beginning the use of thyroid, I was an immature individual. I am not yet what one would consider fully mature, but that fits the old adage, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” I was an ectomorph at the time I began taking thyroid, over forty years ago, developed into a mesomorph, going from a size 40 to size 44 coat”

A few sentences later, he says
“I have taken Cytomel for about twenty-five years, starting with 5 mcg daily. As I have aged, the production of rT3 has apparently increased and I now take 25 mcg daily (increased to 30 mcg this winter) most of the year, cutting back to 12.5 mcg during the heat of the summer when there is less need for calorogenesis.”

Ive heard on these forums that ectomorphs (like me: 6’3" 183lbs, going for 205) need to reduce their free T3 levels to develop mass, not increase them.

This guy claims that ectomorphy can be a result of low! T3 levels, and taking thyroid can turn you into a mesomorph, whcih on the surface looks contradictory.

Anyone able to explain this?

Yeah… Don’t screw with your Thyroid. I have had Thryoid problems in the past. I went from excelarated heartbeat and an intollerance to heat. Also I could eat everything in the town and not gain weight.

Know… after Thyroid therapy…I smell food and gain a pound. I have to work extra hard to make a difference. It is hard for me to shed body fat due to thryoid upset in the past.

The thyroid is not something you want to mess with even to make muscle gains. My suggestion to you is eat alot of clean food, up your protein a good deal. and crank your intensity in your workouts to the moon.

If that does not work you may get a check of your T- levels.