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Ecto, Meso, or Endo: Do You Know?


I think i'm an endomorph. My question is how should i be working out?


realy hard.


Put weights first, and then do some cardio. Watch your diet and study nutrient timing. It's all pretty simple really.


is this a troll?

your profile says you are a personal trainer...



How'd you get to be 6'4", 265, and training for six years, if you're asking this now?

"How you should train" has much more to do with your actual goals and less to do with your somatotype.


So just because i'm a personal trainer means i can't ask questions?

I just thought i'd get some positive feedback to see what other people out there were doing.

But i guess that isn't what these forums are for.


it's just that for a personal trainer, the question "how should i be working out" sounds a little vague. I guess I don't really know why I think this, given that the majority of the personal trainers I've met are under-informed, but I STILL, for some reason, work under the assumption that personal trainers will ideally know a thing or two, and at minimum, know enough to ask specific questions about what they don't know or aren't sure of.

I'd imagine a personal trainer or two would have trained an endomorph or two. what would you advise them?

also, you probably know that training programs are based on information besides somatype. something about your goals, how long you've been lifting, what your current program looks like, etc. might be useful.

even a question as simple as "in what ways should training for an endomorph differ from training for an ecto- or mesomorph?" would seem to lend itself to more useful replies than "how should i be working out". And as for the question above (i.e. "in what ways should training for an endomorph differ from training for an ecto- or mesomorph?"), my impression is that most of the certification tests that a trainer would have to take would cover this sort of thing. no?

not saying that those exams are based on the latest knowledge or anything. if you know what you had to know for the exams and were looking to augment that with newer information or a broader range of opinions or something, it would've been helpful to say that in your initial question.

all i'm saying really is that the way your question was phrased originally didn't sound like it was coming from a personal trainer and i wasn't sure whether or not you were a troll!



You are right dan, i should have been a little more clear on my question. Initially i was asking if anybody knew what there body type was because usually it's based on percentages. Someone can be 40% endo, 30% meso, and 30% ecto. There are many different combinations...

And no, this sort of thing was never on any type of exam i've ever taken. I was only looking to find out suggestions on what others do regarding there body type.

Maybe i should have worded it differently, i don't know, maybe that's why i'm a PT and not an english teacher lol

Anyways i'm so over this question be for the sake of asking it correctly...

Do you know your body type? I believe i'm an endomorph and i know what works best for me but i can always take some good pointers from fellow lifters. How do you train according to your body type?

I hope that makes more sense then what i previously asked.

And dan... I'm not a troll


In my grade 12 Kinesiology class we're learning all this and your a PT and you don't?

In your first post you said "how should i be working out?" and your last one you say "i know what works best for me". Anyways It's not for me to judge so don't get mad or anything.

In answer to your question I think it would be more appropriate to ask what each different body type eats as opposed to trains simply because of issues like carb sensitivity etc. Like I have and you have probably heard a thousand times you cant out-train a poor diet right? I seriously doubt a lot of people on this site train a certain way based on their body type. This is just my opinion no offense was intended.



Troll? If not: It doesn't matter what you are: chicken, turkey, quail, etc. You lift hard and heavy and you eat big and clean. Ain't much to it in the beginning.


endos lets see eat lots of carbs, food and does'nt do no physical activity = turning into fat slob

endos who watch carbs, eat big and clean + get stronger in rep range where they grow for many years= big strong fucking guy

mesos= can do whatever the fuck they want most of the time, lift peanuts or heavy weights for years and grow big/strong

ectos=almost same as endos need to find best rep range they grow in get stronger in that rep range yet don't have to really watch carbs, eat big and clean + some cheat meals when necessary and do it for many years = getting big as their genetics allow

did you got a whole bunch of mixtures also, yet really in the grand scheme of things. Who gives a shit? That's what why you train for years and put in work for and learn what works best FOR YOU, not the next fucking guy.

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