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Ecto Gains Stopped, Need New Training Routine


I am 6’3 185 pounds. I have been following the below routine for approximately 3 months and I have seen around a 4kg increase. But my gains have stopped?

My stats are:

Bench: 1 RM 200 pounds
DL: 1 RM 308 pounds
Squat: 185 pounds for reps don’t know 1 RM

My Diet consists of:

Morning: Either Oats or bacon with 2 eggs

Mid Morning: Banana, flax, blue berry and almond milk, date shake with teaspoon of peanut butter or tahini

Lunch: vegetables, rice, and either mince or chicken / or processed meat sandwich

Afternoon: 1L milk

Dinner: Either more vegetables, rice potatoes served with mince / chicken, usually topped off with virgin olive oil.

My problem:

I completely lost my old routine which worked very well for me. I have been trying to remember it. I wrote this from memory, so please critique it, from memory it was close to my old regimen is this a decent routine?

Chest and triceps

  • Flat bench 3x8, with either Incline/Decline bench 3x8 alternated weekly, push ups to failure, seated dips weighted 3x8 to hit triceps.

Back biceps and forearms

  • bent over barbell rows 3x8 OR Bent over dumbbell rows 3x8, pullups wide grips to failure, wrist curls 3x8, and either concentration curls OR hammer curls 3x8.


  • deadlifts 3 x 20, squats 3 x 8, front leg curls and reverse leg curls 3 x 25, lunges 3 x 8


-Military press 3x8, front weight plate raises OR upright rows 3x8, lateral raises 3x8, reverse fly 3x8

So can you guys check out my old routine, and help me improve it?

um…did you have some sort of complications? Your talking about Mono correct?

what were they at your peak weight of 220?

Hi mate,

Yeah it was Mono had every test under the sun, seen many doctors, blood specialist, Gi, etc was put down to glandular fever as it was present. And chronic fatigue after that some people are just unlucky. read many athletes have suffered from it.

As for that I never really measured it to be honest, at my peak I was fairly strong, but I just stuck to my standard routine. From memory it probably would have been around 20 lbs more on bench, and deadlift purely because I trained from home and was limited with weight selection.

ok…thanks for the reply

Can you see anything wrong with my routine? I have been following another routine so the gains have stopped. Is there any way I could improve it before I start?


you fully recovered now correct?

Yeah, I have been training for 3-4 months intensively and I was good to go 6 months before that. I’m fine now! Just looking for those gains!

Like it says on the tin…

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