Ecstasy of Gold: MMA SnC


I’ve been trolling the boards for years (and let’s be serious, predominantly the SATMA) and decided this would be an interesting experiment. My postings have been incredibly small, so this will be a rude introduction to me :wink:

As far as my background, you can check out some of articles on by Casey S. Rusbridge. Up until 18 months ago I training exclusively in powerlifting, until injury and curiosity prompted me to try MMA. I’ve not looked back since.

My goal is to use this as an open look into an amateur MMA fighter’s training regime. That includes sport training as well as all the glory that happens in the weight room. You will see some of the bumps and bruises incurred throughout the process.

Currently I’m training to earn an Amateur fight, as our club has a ‘farm system’ to work up from beginner to pro.

My schedule is as follows:

Sun: Rest
Mon: 7am- DE Day, 6-8pm BJJ
Tue: 6 - 8pm Thai, 8-9pm MMA
Weds: 7am- DE Day, 6-8 BJJ
Thurs: 6-8pm Thai, 8-9pm Wrestling
Fri: 7am ME Lat/Pull Ups (a la Defranco)
Sat: mid-afternoon ME Lower + Upper

As you can see I’ve kind of set up a very non-traditional program- there is a bit of Westside, a touch of Defranco’s influence, a bunch of things I’ve learned through experimenting on my own, and a hell of a lot of skill work. Some of you will disagree with my methods, but so far it’s working, so screw you :wink:

Current focus is on altering body composition to lean out at the mid-190s and am using HOT-ROX for the first time (first week and I’ve noticed a considerable change!). Outside of green tea and a simple Whey, I’ve no supplements in my program (predominantly due to financial reasons).

Look for my first official log posting this evening!!


Parisi Warm Up
GPP Warm Up: DB Swings 25#x36 (18/arm)/DB OHP 15#x10/DB Push Ups: BWx15
Wide Stance GMS: B- 255x1
2 Board Close Grip: B-225x3
High-Chest Bilateral DB Rows: 45x10 55x10 70x10 35x10
Defranco’s Biceps "21"s: 35x21
Abs: Seated Cable Ab- 25, 35, 45x10
Dips into L-Sits: BW x 10 x 2
TredSled: 10% incline x 4 rounds of 2 mins (HR 183, down 15 bpm in 60s)
Foam Rolling + Yoga + Contrast Shower

Total time: 60 minutes

This was a bit of a rough session where I reintroduced movements that I haven’t performed in a while (the heavy GMs were lighter w/ higher reps). It’s been probably close to two years since I’ve done a 2 Board and I was all ready feeling it in my shoulder and elbow. Thanks to powerlifting I have had four shoulder injuries and basically have given up on even remotely big bench numbers.

After a full week of training, I’m feeling a bit beat up. Going to have to alter the volume of my DE pressing and build it up slowly. GMs felt great, and I’ll be adding some real weight next week.