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Ecstasy and Steroids?


this is maybe a stupid question, but can you take ecstasy while taking steroids?


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Yeah your right, it is a stupid question.

And the answer is that it depends on what steroids you are using.

Either way using e while on steroids is going to make you rather imbalanced, and generally a terrible plan.

I get extremely aggressive on e as it is, throw in some juice and your likely to pop.


I don't have an answer for that directly, but remember, it may not just be ecstasy you are getting in that pill. So now you have to ask about various other drugs that may have been included and how they could react. Always check a lab report website before buying.

Atleast for me, E would destroy my appetite for a period of time afterwards so that wouldn't be that good.

Taking strong drugs with strong drugs, I would personally wait.


have fun........


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Ya better make sure its your planned day off the next day, i cant imagine you lifting much!!

Wow i never seen anyone aggressive on MDMA! and i was in ibiza last summer!!


Damn, Bushy.

I wish you were around to be my life coach in the 70's and 80's. I would have taken better care of myself.


Im amazed this thread even generated so many serious answers...

whatever will they ask next?

can i pull my bar on cycle or will i lose too much gains ?


Just don't pull a Craig Titus.


I myself know a great deal about ecstasy. Thank you BBB for providing an educated answer, and not the usual 'ecstasy eats holes in your brain' answer.

As BBB said, load up on vitamins, fish oil, protein, and water before you go to sleep the day/night you take ecstasy. Do the same thing the next morning. As soon as you wake up, get up, eat, and do something. Don't mop around all day.

Make sure you're getting good pills. Test kits are cheap and completely legal. Pills should contain nothing besides MDMA/MDA and fillers. Purchase them from a trustworthy source. If you're in the US, you're going to have a hard time finding MDMA in crystal form, but there are plenty of good, pure pills around.

Don't drink alcohol while on ecstasy, enjoy your roll. Also, stick to just water, don't drink all the fruit juices. They are loaded with sugar. If you want Vitamin C, take it in pill form, it is cheap.

Like it has been said, the better choice is to not take ecstasy while on cycle, but if you must, do it the safest way possible.


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are the free pins just for heroin junkies or can steroid users get big cannons for intra muscular shots ?


Not angry aggressive, sexually aggressive, like so horny I could fuck a brick wall.

high libido from gear would probably make me a rapist, and Id like to avoid becoming a registered sex offender.


as opposed to just being unregistered at the moment


what if you throw GHB in the mix..drinking it. It helps with the roll by lengthening it and chilling you out.


Do you know what GHB is, or are you spitting off bro knowledge.

I think you should head over to bluelight.ru and get to reading.


hahaha zing


I admire the fact that you can easily buy test kits where you are.

In my country, they say they want to protect people from drugs, but then don't actually take any practical, health (and possibly life) saving measures like making test kits readily available.

Mind you they do offer needle exchanges and lots of free pins, water, sharps bins etc.



its a worldwide ecstasy test database so you know whats in all the pills you buy. Unless you buy them from some random dude at a rave and plug them right on the dancefloor.