EC's Max Strength Completed

I’ve only posted in here a few times, and while my numbers may not seem huge to some of you, I feel fucking amazing right now. Just got back from the gym after completing the “Moving Day” of Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength program.

                 Start             Finish         Change

Weight 167lb 178lb +11 lb
Squat 315lb 345lb +30 lb
Bench 200lb 225lb +25lb
Deadlift 350lb 415lb +65lb
3RM Chinup 217lb 238lb +21lb

I am most proud of the DL for 405, it was a milestone that I was really shooting in the beginning of the program that I didn’t even think I would reach, but ended up getting 10 more than it! Overall, I loved the program and would definitely recommend it.


You should be proud of any gains.

Good to hear it.

My squat and bench improvements were the same as well.

Congrats on the great progress!

Awesome stuff man! Progress is all that matters


I’m on phase 3 as of today. I LOVE this program. My bench has gone from 240 to 255 in two months (at a body weight of 165). I think it has to be one of the most complete program designs I’ve ever seen. Glad to see others having so much success. I’m doing the whole program in my off season for rugby.

I can’t wait for moving day…

Thanks for the compliments guys! I appreciate it.

Hey johnjulius, I’m just wondering on how your other lifts seem to be doing? Cuz it seemed like I was literally adding weight on the bar or going up with the DBs every single week. Also curious, how as the foam rolling worked out for you? I’m really glad I decided to actually do them, my hips are like well oiled machines now.

Just thought that this was something really impressive that I should add. I decided to get my younger brother’s friend as a workout partner, cuz it helps to push me with more weight.

His changes were the following… Hes also 6’4" and a senior in high school.

Start Finsh Change
Weight: 208lb 214lb +6lb
Bench: 180lb 205lb +25lb
Squat: 220lb 290lb +70lb
Deadlift: 135* 425lb +390lb

*He had never deadlifted before in his lift and isn’t a thick kid for his height. On the max out day, he kept wanting to stop in the high 300’s, cuz he would try a pull and fail. Then weight like 2 minutes and somehow manage to get it up. It pretty much became a contest between the two of us. I had been lifting longer than him, so I refused to back down when he eventually match the weight I did. In the long run, he barely got the 425 to go, whereas I crapped out about 4 inches from completing the lift and couldnt get it to go up.

That was a little long winded, but I found it extremely inspiring that someone who never DL’d before 4 months ago was pulling over 400. Even though he managed to get the best of me, my hat is off to him!