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Ecosia, Green Eearch engine

There’s a new search engine called Ecosia that claims to be able to save about 2 square metres of rain forest for every search you perform. It purportedly works just as well as Google, I’ve only tried a couple of searches so it’s too early to tell. I’m not sure if I buy all of it, but I’ll give it a shot 'cause it sounds like a good idea (if not too good to be true…)


I dont get how they are green but I get pissed of google. Yahoo sucks so I think I will use this one by now

The name is not catchy enough. Plus typing google “fits” in the fingers much better.

Screw the trees.

“The Ecosia search engine is based on technology from Yahoo and Bing, which will provide the search results and sponsored links for the site. But unlike conventional search engines, the company has pledged to donate at least 80% of the income it generates from sponsored links to WWF rainforest protection projects in Brazil’s Amazonas region.”

Seems like it’s plausible if that is their business model.