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Economy Calf Stretcher


What do you think? A good buy?


Looks solid and the non-skid pads really add to the appeal, no?


how about...you go to your gym, load up a couple 45's on each side of a leg press, and lay at the bottom position of a calve raise for 30-40 seconds.


A block of wood for 150 bucks.



No, it's also cut into a wedge shape and has grip-tape applied to it.

I mean, for $150, it's a STEAL!


Props to the guy who came up with that idea. I wish I could think of a great BS product that I could make in my garage and sell for hundreds.


Like pet rocks.


Or you could use a step in your house for free.


I like how they have the balls to put "economy" in the header. Jeebus.


Don't mislead the OP, Doug. Buying a house is way more expensive. I think the Economy Calf Stretcher is a great deal. You should buy it.

I suppose you just use someone else's step though.

"Hey! Get off my porch!"

"Gimme a break man, I'm stretching my calves."


That's ludicrous. You can get adjustable stretchers for WAY less than that.


Took me a while to pick my jaw up off the floor after looking at this.



Yeah.. but theirs is "adjustable" - you know that was factored into the cost (shakes head sadly) :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow I think they figure big chain gyms or institutions will buy these in bulk?


Yeah, neighbor's already got a restraining order on me for that one. Can I help it if I got no stairs at my rental? Is that my fault??

So it's pony up $150 for this or $150k for a two level? This one's easy.


Wow. Great reviews for that item!


Nice one ID... or should we call you Rhinosaur? How'd you keep from cursing in your review?


Hostility much?

Buy a thick book... Or a 2 inch board, or something like that... Kinda stupid to spend 150 bucks for a block of wood isn't it?



I was having fun with this thread; I really was.

I am not actually thinking of buying something I can make in ten minutes with a block of wood and some tape.

The review that was posted on Amazon today was way cleaner than I would have left (although mine probably wouldn't have made it past their mods). Whoever left it, bless them for calling out the seller for trying to hock such a POS for a hundred and fifty bucks.


We just aren't a very fun group of people.



ROFL. I'm imagining a truck pulling up with a cord of wood and a few rolls of tape. "That'll be $8,000."