I’m new to this forum, looking
for feedback on eco-oils gear.
I know they are somewhat new to
the scene but want to know of anyones
experiences with thier stuff?

No direct experience personally; seems like a knock off attempt at stealth

I was thinking the same thing.I have
good gains using stealth but like so many others the pain from the test
is awful.I have no problem taking it,
but another sachet option at times would be nice.I would like to hear
some user expieriences to see if they are worth anything or just a bad knockoff.

I ran stealth cyp, supertest and sustanon and had no more pain than from using BD test.

stealth products have always caused the most pain for me, bd gear isn’t even noticible,pain wise I mean,but anyways the pain isn’t enough for me to drop good stuff.I’ll take some soreness with good gear regardless,
I am just seeing these eco-oils around
and thought they might be worth a try.

Eco oils are a sound product, but again the same problem seems to be the BA content - bit too painfulll!

Then again, it seems that the most of these “Stealth” products all have the same effect with regards to BA/Pain content…

I just injected 3ml from Eco Oils today.
About 12 hours ago.
250mg Deca and 600mg Sustanon.
My ass is killing me.
From what I’ve been reading this seems normal from these guys.
I was worried about my ass abscessing but it seems I might bo over reacting.
What’s BA content?

The first time I injected stealth(test e) I was unable to walk and had to stay in bed for 3 days. The pain was intense and I had huge swelling. Dose anybody know if the stuff from Schering or Galenika causes similar sides or would it be a better option to take these instead.


Jelfa is supposed to be the smoothest blend available, never used it myself but have always heard rave reviews.

Ran their boldenone on my last cycle. Everything was as expected Yeah the first shot stung awhile but they are underground so tis kinda to be expected. Everyone goes on about them being stealth knock-offs etc but its just a convenient and . . . well a stealthy way of packaging. Everything I’ve ever ordered got through ( this could be different for others I’m just chucking in my 2 pennys (english arent I) and the range is quite good and seems to be expanding. They even do tren enanthate. Oh and for our stealth fanboys out there I’m not an eco oil employee or sum shit I’m gonna most likely be running stealth test on my next cycle most likely cos of the conveniently high ml per sachet.
Be nice to know of any other experiences people have had especially with their other products-ciao

Galenika is great. if I wasnt such a cheap bastard my whole test base would be Galenika. Great gear little to no pain maybe some discomfort for first timers but nothing like the BA bitchslap in most underground gear-ciao

I have used several eco oils products and have mixed feelings. During my last cycle I developed a red lump in my deltoid 1 day post injection of test E . I had been using this particular vial (transferred from sachet of course) for several injections and had no problems. I’m very anal in regards to aseptic tecnique etc. and was, as you could imagine, very concerned.

I promptly threw this vial away and started to taper with the prop i had on hand. The lump subsided and my upper arm began to swell which in turn gradually resolved over 2 days. Everything is fine now, but I would advise caution with these products.

The “scent” additives may have caused some kind of hypersensitivity reaction. who knows. Hope this helps. Sorry kind of windy and not living up to my screen name :slight_smile:

Scent? Never had a scent off them please explain!!

The npp has a strong sandalwood scent. The prop I have is odorless. The most recent test e sachet I opened is odorless as well. I guess the scent from the npp threw me off and I assumed all my sachets were smelly. Upon furthur inspection I found out they are not. So much for that theory.