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ECGc and Nausea


Has anyone who takes Green Tea Extract/ECGc experienced any nausea or general feelings of being unwell after dosing it?


I've never experimented with the extract, but I do know that drinking green tea on an empty stomach will make me quite nauseous sometimes.


I've experienced the same thing. It's a weird feeling because I can tolerate just about anything.


^^ add me to that list though in my case, it's usually freshly steeped and unsweetened

only ever on a empty stomach and infrequently

easily remedied by fruit or diet soda


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Ive noticed this as well. sometimes forget its brewing and get sidetracked with something else. come back and drink it and get that nauseous feeling. But as mentioned above, never with an extract.


Me too! My wife actually threw up from it. I thought it might be the green tea extract itself. I was going to complain to the manufacturer.

So should I not take this stuff on an empty stomach?


Uhhh, if you want a barfy stomach you should, otherwise... what do you think?


The label on the back of the bottle I have says "Take only with meals"

But yeah I get heart burn like a mo-fo if I don't have a meal of solid food with mine.
A couple scoops of whey protein doesn't even work for me.


Glad I'm not alone with this...

I don't get it...I can drink 2 liters of high-catechin green tea (400mg/500ml) and be perfectly fine, but one green tea extract capsule leaves me wanting to puke.

I switched over as a convenience thing, but it looks like I'll be going back to the real stuff


I'm very surprised by all the reports.

I have taken in the past EGCG for months, and never felt nauseous (Green Tea 725mg, standardise polyphenol 98%, 45% EGCG = 326.25mg).

At first I took it after breakfast, but at the end I was taking it one hour before breakfast because I've read somewhere that EGCG and proteins does not go well together.

I guess it's one of the things that are highly individual.