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Coldheavysteel - Yes, there are several herbs 20-HECD can be extracted from. The lastest “source” is cyanotis vaga. Couple of issues though. First, it takes about 500-1000mg of 20-HECD to start seeing results. I’d much rather use 30-50 mg of 6-keto ECD. So, while the industry right now is enamored with 20-HECD, good ole’ C27-H44-O7 isn’t the best choice. If you do try a 20, look for it derived from Rhaponticum Carthamoides or “Lueza”. Some time ago I said to watch for the big boys to jump on this product. Now that the day is here I will again say it: They will research further and move on to the better 6 and 7 keto ecdysterone analogs. The first mainstream company to do so will be doing this industry a big favor and to boot, reap the profits.