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I will discuss this product in depth in a forthcoming Strasseroids. Basically, to
summate, I feel it is crap. It is not
dangerous, just a total waste of time and

If you look at the history of the science
behind this, you will all but agree with
me 100% about this being crap.

The studies showing that this stuff is
“better than Dianabol” (now there is a
true joke) were done EXCLUSIVELY in Russia
with small samples of little furry critters during the height of the
cold war. The premise was that the Ruskies
were looking for something to give their
athletes an advantage that was undetectable
unlike AAS.

Now here is the thing - during the that time,
the political climate in Russia was such
that if you were a scientist and were told
to come up with something and failed, you
would end up pushing a broom or shoveling
snow in Siberia.

So these scientists HAD to succeed, at least
on paper.

BTW, no human evidence as to anabolic nature
of this, just rat levator ani stuff once
again :slight_smile:

And if this stuff was the goldmine it is
being made out to be, why didn’t the
US Olympic team pick up on this and use this
stuff? The "data’ was published years ago, albeit in obscure journals and in Cyrillic but that would not have stopped our guys. Why didn’t some lab or university in
the states check it out? Why has there never
been a paper or poster about this presented
at the ACSM conferences? It’s not like
4-AD, this shit has been around since 1962!!!

And more importantly, if this stuff is so
cool, why aren’t the Russians (or better
still, the Chinese) using it today? Why are
they using “human steroids” and various
polypeptides instead? I mean, 20-ECD is
undetectable!!! So if it worked well, if
it really gave a true competitive advantage,
wouldn’t the US Olympic team be fed this
stuff at every meal? You know that the
Chinese would force their athletes to use
it? But they don’t :slight_smile:

Do the math!!!