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I was talking about Bill Roberts fellas,he did’nt have much good to say about ecdysterone in this forum and in his Mesomorphosis articles he really stuck a knife in it several times.I’am not wanting to bicker with anybody over it,I just said what I have read in his articles.Say (RUSH 7) you said you found Retibol for 20 dollars,you sure it was’nt Retibolin-1,it’s a knockoff supplement of Retibol thats has amino acids and sterol products from (dixie health).The cheapest I’ve found it for was 44 dollars for 120 caps(12mg) it’s not distrubuted out that much,you can find it at Atletika and Velocity Nutrition,both owned by Rick Brunner,he gets his ecdysterone from Russia,it’s high quality.If you bought the real Retibol for 20 dollars,I would like to know where you got it because that’s a deal.