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Bill, for non pro-hormone supplements, is 20-E worthwile for building muscle? Also, from what I’ve seen the dosing amounts vary greatly. For example, I’ve seen a couple products contain 300-400mg and Pinnacle’s Ecdybol contain only 20mg. I can’t find much impartial information on 20-E and wanted to know if you have any opinion on it.

I haven’t tried it myself. There’s no known pharmacological reason to expect it to work, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t… the thing to do is to see if it seems that observers that seem reliable to you (which of course could include yourself) find it appearing to work for them.

There was quite a lot of discussion on the
forum on this a while back, which the search engine could uncover a lot of but might miss some good posts.

The summary I got from it is that most brands
were considered worthless, to be a wrong compound. Those that some seemed convinced to be valuable, it seemed that conclusions seemed to be that they worked at one time but didn’t work at a later time (blame was placed on the product possibly changing.)

I have the impression from this that it’s a mirage.