Has anyone had any success with ecdysterone? I had tried pinnacle ecdybol and didn’t notice a thing, but I have read since that the dosage I was taking was much too low.(<40mg/day) Anyone tried or having any thoughts of adding/stacking ecdysterone with methoxy7. I was going to take methoxy7 + 800mg ecdysterone/day.

i got “good” results, but since i didnt strictly monitor my food intake, i think i may have just eaten more.

Did you try the ecdysterone by itself or w/methoxy7? How much ecdysterone?

Based on the feedback I’ve heard about Ecdysterone, I’d never use it. Sounds like a waste. Stack Tribex with the Methoxy or an Androsol cycle. Even plain creatine woulf be cool. T-mag ran an article on Ecdysterone that seemed to explain pretty well why it’s a flop. I think Cy Willson wrote it.

i used both, but dont bother, take the paul’s advice, serriously.