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Ecdysterone Experience?

Anyone had any experience of Ecdysterone?

Read a recent article about a german study that stated significant results, even though the supplement was inferior (lower content of active substance). Appearantly financed by WADA, but not (yet) considered doping. Inhibits an estrogen receptor. For info search Google.

There is a Bulgarian company that produces a standardized herbal extract under GMP. Looks serious though Bulgaria do have an interesting reputation…

Anyone tried Ecdysterone?

I’ve never tried it (never even heard of it until I read your post), but it doesn’t seem to scream “snake oil” to me. As always, I’m skeptical though. Human tests have been performed since at least 2006; I wonder why it hasn’t gained any traction.

I tried it about then. Nothing.

Turns out humans don’t have ectdysterone receptors, so now it does something to estrogen.

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Sounds about right. Considering that I’ve never seen anyone talk about it, it’s probably not worth the trouble.

Yeah, it binds to estrogen receptor beta, and the only proposed mechanism of action I could find was activation of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway by an ecdysteroid-induced influx of calcium into muscle cells. This was in rats, and studies regarding human effects are lacking.

I’ve become dubious of things that don’t trigger a direct physiological action. Too many cascades, mays, arrays, and other slippery words over the years have worn the lustre off of the ad copy.

Well stated. I’ve never been a big supplementation person. Whey/casein powder, sublingual B12, and vitamin C right before bed is about it for me. I have friends that buy into the hype and are disappointed… every time. The funny thing is that they keep falling for it. Marketing at its finest!

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