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Ecdysone, Turkesterone, & Other Ecdysteroids

I googled and searched this website aplenty, and found some “regular” information on the above supplements(mainly 20-ecdysone and 20-beta-ecdysone). My question is, have any of you used it? If so, was there any benefits or is it all just a gimmick?

On a random search for products containing it, i found that SuperPump250 has some in it, but it is in a “proprietary blend” so no one will actually know if it is a sufficient amount to actually be effective. A couple companies manufacture it, but some in different forms like Turkesterone, 20-Beta-Hydroxy-Ecdysone, and 20-Ecdysone.

My curiousity is piqued about this and any info/personal experience would be much appreciated.

No one? Really?

Ecdysterone and turkesterone are plant sterols heavily hyped at one point that really do nothing for mammals. Studies that showed anabolic potential existed, were on small mammals (mice) who managed to get a response, insects are the major beneficiaries of these sterols.

Theres a reason you may have only just heard of it although it’s been around a while, it didnt work.

Im assuming ecdysone is much the same, as it is a prohormone to insect molting hormone and i havent heard of it as a useful human chemical.

I have used Ecdysterone and quite honestly saw absolutely no improvements in strength, size, muscular endurance or overall composition… nothing.


damn, that sucks, just another placebo on the market then. Thanks for the answer.