EcDyBol ExploCaps

I saw an ad for this stuff on the back of the most recent issue of t-mag (which I can now pick up at the newsstand…whoohoo!), which I take as somewhat of a t-mag endorsement for the product. I’ve seen it before and been somewhat surious. Anyone here used it? T-staff?

The ad is not an “official endorsement” of the product. Quite a few of our contributors think the ingredients are worthless; others think they might have some value. Cy has written an article on “bug juice” in issue 158 of T-mag and Brock has talked about it quite a bit in “Strasseroids”, notably issue 153.

Biotest and Pinnacle have a good relationship. There are some good guys over there so we accepted an ad from them. That’s it. Now if the whole staff agreed this was a crap product, then no, we would not have accepted an ad for it. But one of the things about T-mag that I’ve always liked is the unwritten motto “We can disagree with each other and that’s okay. No respect lost. No brawls in the hallways.” There are very few “official” T-mag opinions for this reason. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

Reader feedback we’ve gotten about bug juice is mixed, with most saying it didn’t do much for them. Will it work? There’s only one way to find out. See if they have a money back guarantee and then give it a shot…then try MAG-10. :wink:

Thanks for the info, Chris.

I have used the EcDyBol caps, but was on a less than optimal diet. Not enough protein or calories. I think if they are effective they would work best on a high protein diet… 1.5+g/lb. DO NOT BUY THE SYNTRAX VERSION. Lab tests have shown they have nowhere near what the label says. I have spoken with others who have been very happy with the results they feel they have recieved from the ecdybol. Have you tried methoxy-7?