Curious about all the talk about ecdysterone. How is it that Syntrax puts 200mg of 20-hydroxy, I know it tested out under dosed but is’nt 120mg of 20-hydroxy from whatever % extract more potent than a 96% extract supplying only 10 to 40mg like alot of products on the market. What is the correct dosage to see results. I have used 6 Syntrabol a day and I know the stuff works. I used it and only it and its like you have a full body pump. Strength and endurance are up and vascularity has improved. Is the thermolife brand more effective? Explain why and how please. By the way Methoxy-7 and Syntrabol ROCK! The best 1-2 combo in the industry by far! I just added the Methoxy-7 to the Syntrabol and there is a synergistic effect I’m sure.

i definetly agree with with you i have been taking 1600mgs with 6caps of syntrabol and loveit. as a matter of fact i’m considering saying screw pro-hormones and just take this combo all the time ,especially with biotest’s new methoxy coming out.

ok, as i understand it, there is a small history lesson that is neccessary. Ekdisten, a russian pharmaceutical was made in the soviet union. The Soviets provided it to there weightlifters and other olympians to aid in coming off steriods. It came from a preparation of Leuzea Carthamoides and was generally most effective in a range of 30-60mg. Around the fall of the Soviet Union the western world gets wind of this and at the same time, the price of Leuzea Carthamoides soared (20k per kg?). The West isolated the main anabolic ecdysteriod as 20–hydroxyecdysone. Like Tim Patterson mention, it is not nearly as effective however when taken appart from the Leazue Carthamoides. The isolated compounds on the market, of 20HDE are from a suma plant extract, and as a result rather weak. These new products like Ecdysten (which i am going to try out) and Ecdybol supposedly are standardized extracts of 20-HDE from Rhaponticum Carthamoides which i understand stands for, Eastern origin Leuzea Carthamoides. Hence, these preparations should be almost exactly like the original Ekdisten, which was/is much more effective than syntrabol is. A side note, i read some thing about an incedint in the australian olympics where a greek athlete got in trouble with the australian gov for having a box with russian that said Ekdisten (ecdysteriods are banned down under). What i wonder is how someone, not an olympian, might get their hands on The Russian Ekdisten - original stuff since it still exists, to try out.

i will let post my gains while on the thermolife product after i receive it and have used it for awhile. i ordered some last night.

You guys are on to something. Anti-catabolics like Methoxy-7 and 5 AndroTriol sound like a superb stack with this product. And there is research (and a patent application) to back up the Triol combo. 20-HECD isn’t the best Ecdysterone, but it does serve to illustrate how powerful these producs can be. The 6 and 7-keto analogue Ecdysterones are much better and I personally feel that stacked with a good Tribulus product like Adaptogen N, Tribestan, Tribex etc. you can harness the power of a good hormonal elevator and a non-hormonal anabolic to maximize the power of a higher calorie/protein diet and basic and abbreviated training programs. Since I’m not into the drug scene (just my choice due to the legalities), I think this is the next best thing. I’ve often thought that if I had a wasting disease and my life depended upon it, I’d use this combo to gain weight. It works that well. BTW, give that Adaptogen N a whirl some time. I had the blood work done on myself and it increased T about 30%. Plus, it has added ingredients that lower cortisol, increase stress tolerance etc. Muscle and Sports Science has it at musclemass. Convert that to a URL and you’re all set. Sharp product…

mixel, what are some products that have the 6 and 7-keto analogues ecdysterones? Names of stores that sell them (muscle mass it seems doesnt)