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Ecdisten Question for Cy


Can you please tell me about this so called supplement? It's supposed to be ecdysterone from a company called OPIH in Uzbekistan, but it does not feel like a supplement. If any other viewers have any input, please feel free to post.



I honestly don't believe ecdysterone products work. I wrote an article a few years back about them, titled "Bug Juice" if I remember correctly. You can locate it via the search engine.

As to whether there's something else in there, I have no clue, but it would not shock me in the least.


Thanks for the quick reply. What about testing the tabs at a lab? Can you recommend one that would do it as well as an estimate on the price?


I'm also trying to get in touch with the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan--If I hear anything noteworthy, I'll post it. I also emailed a Russian ecdyteroid researcher. I'll tell you if she replies as well.


For what are you going to test them?

What do you think, or hope, to find?


I would like to test it for the presence of ecdysterone, which is supposed to be in there. I would think they could also tell me if there is another substance in it, and if so, what that other substance is. The results I've been getting off of it are way beyond what I was expecting--Actually, I was not expecting to get any results. Secondly, the effects on my sex drive are so pronounced that I think there has to be some other substance in it.


If you have access to a lab, you can test for some particular compounds your looking for.

ive never heard of this stuff either


I don't know of any labs that will do so for the general public. Though, I'm sure one can probably find one.

In any event, it's not going to be cheap.


Hey Cy, can I send the tabs to you and you test them??


Sorry, can't help you there. The equipment needed is well beyond my finances.


Spot on Cy. If you've got a friend, its not an issue. A friend of mine works for a small lab. Usually, especially in the evening, he may be the only one in the building, and can do pretty much whatever he wants.

To bad he isnt smart enough to take advantage of whats before him :wink: