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Eccentric Training



I'm trying do design a Deadlift specialization routine, using three days: Max Effort, Accessory, and Dynamic/Static. My question is where would you fit in some eccentric training?

Would it matter greatly if the work was supramaximal/maximal or submaximal since there is no concentric movement?

Also, will the new program coming include eccentric training?

Thanks CT..

on a side note, are there any journals you would recomend for those interested in learning more about training techniques/nutrition? By the way, your book on modern strength and power methods was great. Now I just need to master when to use what in my training.


I am certainly nowhere CT´s level but heavy eccentrics are a technique I employ to squeeze out some real growth after I have exhausted most options in the concentrics department. Quite realistically, you can develop serious strength in eccentric dips, chin ups, pull ups and unilateral movements. Muscles are very vulnerable (positive) during the eccentric phase because mechanical stress is distributed differently when the muscle is stretched during the negative part of the motion.
You can also conserve CNS capacity, up the loads AND increase volume at the same time.
I don´t know how to incorporate heavy eccentrics in a deadlift regimen but for general bb purposes they are a powerful tool.


Eccentric and isometric/static training are powerful tool but they are also extremely demanding on the CNS (isometrics) or tendons (eccentrics); so I would be careful when using them.

I did recommend them quite often in the past, but only for short blocks of 3-4 weeks. More than that they can become detrimental. Same thing with plyometrics; effective in the short run, destructive if used too much.

I would honestly not include a significant amount of eccentrics and isometrics yet. Not until you know what you are doing. While great tools, they can also lead to stagnation, injuries and CNS fatigue quite easily.

The I, Bodybuilder program will not include a significant amount of eccentrics and isometrics.