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Eccentric-Less Training Without Sled


I wonder if there is any other excersises then sled work that i can use in my routine for eccentric less training?



Only other option is dropping the barbell.. If you read the livespill from the HP mass lower body pressing article you'll see that lots of people have already asked this question.


Squashing grapes in a barrel is eccentric less.

Any chance you got a dog bro?


discussed in conditioning forum, link provided



one legged bosu ball squats, dropping the bar each time.


Manual Treadmill Pushing is probably the closest you can get... check out EliteFTS for an in depth article... here is a video:


I've been doing that for HIIT. It worked really well, but I don't think there's enough resistence to get the the eccentric less effect.


How about the elliptical machine/ cross trainer?


I can understand the inconvience of sled training if you don't have a sled. Ive thought of this as well. My solution will be to sprint in the afternoons. Personally I wanna be faster, and it may not be eccentricless but it will not cause muscle soreness. I think one should consider sprinting as an activation excercise as well Ive recently added this 3 weeks ago, and My nervous system gets extremely fired up which makes getting in the zone for squats easier. just my two cents though


Sprinting definitley causes muscle soreness. Or atleast it should.


Push your car.

Manly and effective.


Every time I've ever sprinted, my glutes, abs and hip flexors were sore the next day.


Stairs? then slide back down the railing! Ha


Base jumping. Run up there like a m__________r, then jump down. No eccentric.

A little more seriously: It's winter. Walk up a hill, then get down from it by means of sled (an other kind), pulka, snowracer or do like this guy and use a matress.


Idk man, I guess I have great recovery then, but I was talking more of sprinting as an activation kind of thing in the afternoons. Not in adding volume.


This. Remember to have someone steering though lol.


I do car pushing on occasion in the summer and let my son steer, he loves it!

pelham32: "Idk man, I guess I have great recovery then, but I was talking more of sprinting as an activation kind of thing in the afternoons. Not in adding volume."

Then what's the point of adding it into a thread discussing eccentric-less work? But on the other hand I have heard some strength coaches he used explosive lifting sessions before their speed work for activation. Waterbury had some blurb somewhere about some sprints for nervous system activation.


Have you ever tried setting your treadmill incline angle higher? Much, much more resistanceâ?¦ it really does require more than a few explosive leg drives to get that damn treadmill to turn over... I rather run stairs with my wife on my back! I dread it. I know some treadmills will not let you do this... as they automatically sink back down to a level plane but fortunately many of the ones I use you can set the incline angle then turn it off and it remains at that height.

BTW: The article at Elite FTS I mentioned before is titled: "Treadmill Pushing: The Solution to the Prowler-less Gym" Goggle it...


I just use an large empty office parking lot on a weekend and keep my windows open incase you get it going to fast, which doesnt usually happen.


Thanks for the suggestion, but that's the problem. We have a pretty good gym actually. Still I keep running into these small, annoying problems that have no solutions. Things just aren't set up for unconventional ideas.