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Eccentric-Less Leg Training Exercises?



In the mean time, does anyone have good ideas for eccentric-less leg training without the use of a prowler?

For example today I did standing cycling on the bike at the gym at max resistance (6 sets of 40 seconds at the highest rpm I could maintain), seemed to work good for my quads, but I feel this is too much of a 'cardio' based exercise and the load isn't heavy enough.

I also have my car to push/pull up and down the car park...


I should have done a search...


I have a wooden pallet with cement blocks stacked on it with a chain hook on. I hook up my dip belt to the chain and drag it backwards. It's pretty awesome lol.


ct mentioned walking up a stairs backwards with a dumbell. you can try the 2/1 method or the compound/isolation method


There is an article that teach you how to build a sled with a tire. I did it and I like it.


...or find a 100m stretch of the steepest hill possible

4 all-out sprints with 90-120 sec rest should whip your tail pretty good the first few times you do it

try it!