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Eccentric-Less Biceps without a Sled


I can do eccentric-less leg training because I can push and pull bleachers in my gym, but I cannot find a way to do biceps or lats with eccentric-less training. Anyone have any ideas, maybe something with the bleacher? Thanks!


bands wrapped around the bleacher?


blast straps/trx looped through the hole in the middle of a weight plate? you could stack a few to change the load


this is what i do for all my eccentricless training currently because i don't yet have a sled/prowler


Dang, that's an awesome idea. Noisy but awesome.


Hmm I am going to have to see if my gym has blast straps!


Do you have a concept rower? Because for biceps these things work great! Instead of doing rowing for cardio, set the rower to the highest resistance and curl. Works ok for eccentric-less back too, although kinda light--you have to really put extra focus on pulling explosively each rep to make up for the lighter weight.


i've been using a jump rope looped in the middle of the plates and it works fine for most exercises.

i'm going to make some "blast straps" from some PVC pipe (handles) and cargo straps, or just use some thick rope to loop through the plates.

everybody at my gym has been looking at me like im some sort of retard for doing this.


Joe DeFranco gave a fun example in a recent article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/defranco_prowler_training

If you scroll down to the 6th video "Bonus Exercise: Plank Rows with Prowler"

Albeit he's advocating it as a core exercise but that clearly also works grip and biceps and lats well too.

Whether you work 1 arm to failure at a time or you alternate pulling with both arms, it's still eccentricless either way.