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Eccentric-less Bicep Training Every Day?


My biceps have always been my weak point, and after doing six weeks of the HP Mass program, they've actually gotten a little worse. In the past, I've noticed that what has worked for biceps is training them everyday ala HFT for one set of 10 a day. Training them in line with the program's guidelines isn't cutting it.

I was wondering if a few sets of eccentric-less sled work might be the go for restoring them back to where they were and beyond?

How are everyone else's arms doing on the HP Mass program?


No problem about that. Read a recent post in my training questions no.4 where I talk about bringing up weak biceps.


Ahhh, I read it and agree completely. This program is amazing Christian, and can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us all.


My biceps have actually gotten better looking during the HP mass program. I have been doing 1-2 additional sled workouts per week that include bicep work in addition to theh lat/bicep day and may actually add more. CT, what is the most effective way to work the triceps with the sled?


overhead extensions

so in a chest sled push position but use a tri ext motion, step forward and repeat

also the second phase of the rear delts sled movement could be modified to a sled kickback type of movement


palms forward or toward your face?


Eccentricless biceps pretty much is in the program. Not the at the gym part but the eccentricless training after lower body and upper body pressing days is a mixture of everything, legs/back, bicep, pull throughs, he leaves it up to you to decide what you need extra work for because that's what the sled gives you, extra volume.


I'm having similar problems. Especially when I look at photos from previous contests - my arms/delts/chest = front torso lags way behind my back and legs.

After years of pretty rigorous heavy ez-curl bar work - the excessive pain in my elbows and wrists was just not worth it = and my biceps weren't improving. In fact, even some machines - especially when focusing on partials at the low positions stress my elbows and wrists such that there sore to the touch. Occassionally, when I focus on partials from the top position - my shoulders seem to give me problems.
Solution - is cables - b/c of the constant tension they provide and being able to position your elbows, hands, and joints more comfortably. Some machines still do the trick without noticeable pain.

With the sled I've found I actually prefer almost a gironda style curl - elbows very tight to sides - not in front of the body and high - and performing partial movements. This seems to minimizes back and lat involvement. Then I'll often add a backwards drag by putting my arms in the top position of a bicep curls and pulling, sometimes using partial top reps and mid-positions holds....seems to be helping...

And yes, I think addidng the eccentricless bicep work every day if you can manage it will help tremendously.