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Eccentric-less and Liver Enzyme Levels


Coach, Some of my liver enzyme levels have gone up dramatically since incorporating the added volume of the HP program. They have always been elevated slighly and I alwaays felt it was due to training alone (and I still do).

I feel it is do to the increased micro-trauma that simply comes from the added total volume and most particularly the eccentric portion of each rep.

My question is: should my liver enzyme levels come down some if I slanted my training more to eccentric-less training.

My MD is going out of his mind. (Thinks I had a heart attack! Obviously, though I didn't).

Your thoughts?

Thanks Coach


If it's creatine kinase that's up, then it's normal. This normally goes WAY up whenever you train... and the more you train, the more it goes up. It doesn't mean anything bad. I once had mine very high and my doc thought I JUST had a heart attack.


Your elevated "liver enzyme" does not necessarily come from the liver, the enzyme AST is contained in muscle and released when broken down. The enzyme ALT is more specific to the liver.

Lastly, why is your doctor doing liver function tests?


Thanks for the reply coach and I do agree with you on creatine kinase. Mine is up as well and I have the MD convinced that one is due to training.

However, these two are SGOT and SGPT. They have always been slightly elevated but now they ae way up.

BTW - do you think that using the compex regularly could add to the creatine kinase and these others as well?

What I'm really trying to learn is does the increased micro trauma due to the eccentric loading versus the concentric protion contribute to these problems?


CPertringens_- thanks for weighing in. He's doing the test just as a routine checkup. I'm on TRT and quarterly we do a series of tests just to keep check on everything.

And everything is super - lipid panel, cbc, test and related others, PSA,