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Eccentric Exercise & Tendonitis

I hope you all can contribute . I have been on Charles Staley’s Forum and I must say it is excellent. However, I have a question I asked Charles about and he seems to be as stumped as I am.

I had written to him about some tendinitis in my knee, (doctor said it was patella tendonitis). I had written into Charles and crew and he recommended I visit a site that quoted studies done on the positive results of negative or eccentric exercise. I began a program that I designed for myself, which went, pretty much as follows.

6 days per week.

Days at gym One legged leg press 3x15 Neg. only
Days not at gym One Leg lunge 3x15 Neg only
I follow this with ice and iced before going to sleep.

As I told Charles Staley and others after two weeks, I am beginning to notice a decrease in pain in the knee.

My questions are:

  1. Why is it that this works? (I hate doing something unless I know why I am doing it.)

  2. Why, if I have read negative exercise is very hard on muscle is this program not tearing
    up my knee?

3.Your thoughts on my program?

  1. Would 3 days per week suffice?

Thanks, hope you can help me figure this out.

I am bumping this thread to see if anybody has pursued this regimen and had good results with it. I am fighting deQuervain’s, which is sort of like tenditits of the wrist and thumb. It makes it impossible to do just about anything - even squats, since I can’t hold the bar on my back. I have taken a three month layoff from the gym, worn a cast on my hand for three weeks, and had a steroid shot to my wrist (which helped, but wore off in about 7 weeks). My next option is a surgical procedure (which only has a 65% success rate). But after reading the T-Mag article about Mr. Staley’s success with a 3x15 light negatives every day routine for Achilles tendinitis, I have a glimmer of hope that I can avoid the knife. Anybody got any results?

I want to find out more about this too but here is what I think so far. When you have tendonitis the tendon is inflamed. When you do slow submaximal eccentrics that helps relengthen the sheath around the tendon. That with icing should help the inflammation. That is what I have come up with so far. Hopefully somebody else has some more input.

Look at this articles, may answer your question.


Keep fighting

Thanks, adonail. I actually did read that article. I was just wondering if anybody’d tried this system in the years since it was first posted. Thanks for the well wishes and reply, though! I am currently doing the protocol as described in that article. (3x15 light negs twice a day.) I will post results after six weeks or so.