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ECA Stack.

Can anyone explain to me why the asprin part of this stack is important?

I read an article recently saying E&C had the same effect on their own as adding asprin.

I don’t imagine this to be true, but could someone explain the effect asprin has please?

Cheers in advance guys!

The asprin is used to prolong/delay the effects of the e&c. You will get much the same effect without it but it will be more intense and not as long lasting. So if you are using it for a fat burning effect it is good to have the A added in. If you are looking for a boost for a workout and not the longer effects on bf then just go with the e&c. There is an article on the mag that goes into this. I cant remember which one but you can find it by searching for ECA on the mag.

Hope that helps,


It’s not important. Use the search engine.

Aspirin is also very hard on your stomach. I never use it. Tried it originally and ditched it. Now I just use EC and it’s great.

Oh, and if you are taking aspirin with it, do not drink alcohol!!