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ECA stack?

I have started a new diet which recommends that I do an ECA stack. Now as stupid as this is, cause i paid the guy, i asked him how much ephidrine and caffine in terms of mgs should i be taking each time. He said he used the premade ones all the time. Damn Americans. Any way having never done this on my own does anyone know what a good guide is to figure out how much i should take?


A long time ago there was a guy that used to visit this site, as well as Men’s Health that participated in some strongman events. The name escapes me… Tom something.

Anyways, he told me to try 25mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine, and 2000mg tyrosine.

A bonus is the tyrosine made me tan better when I was in the sun.


That’s the dude. Whatever happened to him?

Renegade: how many times did you take that a day. The guy who wrote the diet says 3 times a day.

Here are the general recommendations that I’ve found and followed with good results: Start out with 1 dose per day in the morning for about a week or 2. Then add the second dose around noon in the 3rd week. See how you react to 2 doses, as far as jitters and sleep. Stay at 2 doses for a couple of weeks, and if you feel like you can handle 3, add the third dose, but try not to take it too late in the day. I’ve never gone up to 3 doses in a day, and still had good results. Also, you need to take a low-strength aspirin to add the A into the stack. I think they’re 25 mg, but I forget for sure. Just use the low-strength that’s marketed for heart patients.

B33fcake, I’ve always found ECA stacks to be more potent/effective if you use them when you need them. In your case, I’d use it before cardio and before weights. Those are the times you want to kick fat burning into overdrive and get a bit of an energetic lift/boost.

Two times a day is great. Three times a day is probably not necessary. More is not always better. I don’t do ECA, but I do use caffeine before cardio and weights (and at no other time). The less I use it, the more of a kick it gives me.

I took that 2 times a day. Once when I woke up, at 6 and another time at noon. It didn’t bother me, but I do have a very high tolerance to stimulants.

Beefy: First, don’t bother with the aspirin, it’s contribution to the thermogenic synergy of the stack is not that great and not worth the potential stomach problems. If you go with 3 doses/dy take the first one first thing in the am about 1/2hr. before eating. Take the second one about 11:30 again a 1/2hr. before eating. Try not to take the 3rd dose after 4:00pm as it may interfere with your sleep. Up here in the great white north you can only buy it in 8mg tabs, so take 3(24mg) along with a 200mg caffeine tab for each dose. The nice thing about the 8mg tabs is you can start out with one or two to see how you feel and slowly up the dose to 3(24mg) Both the ephedra and the caffeine are made by interactive and should be availabel at most nutrition places. If your doing your cardio first thing in the morning take the eca stack prior to this.

there is an article on t-mag devoted to this topic. i believe the title is “the ultimate diet pill” or something similiar.

it gives a few recipes for some awesome stacks.

I’d just stick with the Ephedrine and try to limit the Caffeine and ditch the Aspirin. Ephedrine does a lot of cool things other then just stimulate thermogenesis and repartition nutrients. It also helps with glucose uptake. Because it has a very short half life you can use it around your workouts and it’ll be in and out of your system really quick. Caffeine has a very long half life and also dehydrates the cell, something which is not good for anabolism. In the past when i’ve used E+C i love the way it fat loss benefits of it, but I always end up pissing away muscle really quick. Lately I’ve been experimenting with taking E alone and ditching all caffeine save for a couple of glases of tea per day. With this protocol I’ve actually noticed an increase in muscle size/hardness with a drop in bodyfat. There’s a lot of value in cellular hydration. I’d do everything you can on a diet to ensure that.

thanks…magnus but just to let you know i did find someone who hooked me up with 30mg tablets and they also carried 25 as well. I have taken them before i was up to like 100mg 2 times a day. I dunno if that was to much I am still alive ;-). So i should take 1 of these ephi’s and 200mg of caffine each time? that seems to be the general consensus.

beefcake: I don’t think there is any benefit to taking more than the 30mg or 25mg dose at one time and yes take it with the 200mg of caffeine, although I found what KB had to say very interesting and may try this method whithout the caffeine myself.

Is yelling at people to use the search engine not cool anymore or something? :slight_smile:

I use 200mg caffeine and 16mg ephy, for the record (I have 8mg ephedrine pills).

Kelly: Would taking creatine help in preventing dehydration around/within the cells?

Why not use Hot-Rox? I’ve had way better results with it than I ever had with any EC stack.

I agree with Litespeed.

If you want to lose weight get some HotRoxx, if you are lean and not worried about weight and just want energy then go with an ECA.

I’ve never tried HR, but anyone I’ve known or worked with to use both saw considerably better results with HR than any ECA on the market.

well 1 i am not lean i am about 16 - 20% bf. 2 i can’t affor hot rox its to expensive, unless someone from t-mag wants to sponsor me ;-).

Dude, you’re 16 and someone is telling you to take an ECA stack???
Eat right, train hard, forget the magic pills, and tell that guy he’s an idiot.

Ooops! I did not read that correctly, my bad. He may not be an idiot :slight_smile: