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ECA stack

I have read the following article a few times before from various sources…


Is there any validation to this argument? If there is, then while taking the ECA stack with above-maintenance caloric intake wouldn’t one experience increased lean mass gain, while concurrently experiencing minimal/no fat gain?

Since ephedrine has been pulled from every major fat loss supplement and soon will be yanked from all shelves (GNC already has) then this is a moot discussion I’m afraid.

Regardless of it it is available locally (you can mail-order it) or legally in the future… the substance exists and I am just curious as to if anyone can supply any more evidence to support the said claim.

Can’t say I ever gained mass while dieting with ECA or ECY.

But Hot-Rox, yes. I think just about everyone in the Hot-Rox Challenge gained some muscle while on it. I was very panicked when ephedrine/ephedra was pulled, but I can’t say I miss it now.

I know this is a really old post, but I never got a very definitive or informitive answer. I was going through some old posts of mine checking them out. So given the information in contained in the link, and provided you eat enough food, is there any way an ECA stack can be anabolic? or is that article a load of shit (which i’d be willing to bet it is).