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ECA Stack Questions


What is the correct ratio for an ECA stack? I've heard its 1:10:3 but id like to double check. I've also heard that a 'normal' amount to take is ~25mg of ephedrine 3 times a day so the daily totals would be 75mg ephedrine, 750mg caffeine, and 225mg of aspirin does this sound about right?

Should i start off on a lower dosage such as only one dose of 25mg of eph a day for the first week, then bump it up to two doses of 25mg a day for the second week, and the 75mg for the third week?


I do about 20mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and skip the aspirin. I would not recommend jumping into 3 doses a day if you have never tried it before. Start with 1-2 doses a day and see how you respond. I would also not advise going over 75 mg of ephedrine for the entire day.


I have tried it as a pretraining stimulant but never as a stack. Why would you recommend skipping the aspirin? There is some research out there which shows aspirin increases fat loss when stacked with E and C, although im not aware that any head to head studies hav been done proving ECA to be more effective than EC. In my opinion though aspirin is so cheap (something like 20p for 32x300mg tabs) i might aswell add it in anyway..?


Most studies concerning fat loss using the EC stack doesn't really use aspirin. Just avoid the aspirin unless you want to burn a hole in your stomach. 20mg ephedrine to 200mg caffeine is the normal dose. You can try 1-2 doses a day first like ajweins said or half dose twice a day if you've never tried an EC stack before.


Anyone currently using EC(A)? When would it really start to help someone dieiting (what level of leanness)? Right now I'm on the 4 cups of coffee per day regimen (400 mg caffeine or so) and was wondering how much help adding ephedrine would actually be. Hunger is not an issue and my energy levels are fine.


It's normally advised to use baby asprin. Please do a search. There is a lot of bad info in this thread already.


The actual research that I've seen doesn't show that ephedrine actually increases fat loss significantly. It's main benefit is as an appetite supressent.

So if you don't have hunger issues, skip ephedrine as it will just increase cortisol over time.

Personally, I much prefer PPA (Phenylpropanolamine/Norephedrine) over ephedrine anyway since it gives a much cleaner feeling and has less effect on cardiac tissue in most people.


Thanks, I certainly don't want to mess with my heart and after reading another thread on ECA, my insulin sensitivity.

By cleaner, do you mean there's less jitters and increase in core temperature? I've felt those effects from HOT-ROX (probably from the yohimbe).


I actually mean that it's less "harsh" as a stimulant.

PPA makes me feel positive and upbeat (similar to HOT-ROX), whereas ephedrine makes it seem as though there's a dark cloud even though you have more nervous energy.


So ephedrine=crackhead. Got it, thanks.