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ECA Stack for HOT-ROX Non-Responder


I've got an issue with periodic non-responding to HOT-ROX, so to change things up, is there a classic ECA-type supp that does not have alot of extra crap that I can switch to jump-start fat loss? Loved the old MD6.....



Due to crystal meth you need to fork over your drivers license, and sign for it to buy bronkaid or vasopro for asthma at drugstore and add caffeine pills and aspirin if you wish. Guaifenesin is in the pills also, but that is not a big deal. They also have some states that do not allow it at all such as Texas for example. It is not that expensive but a real pain, and the process kind of makes you feel like a drug addict when you buy it. If your state allows the sale you can also buy from internet but same rules and no real savings. You are only allowed so much per month and big brother is watching you.


Yeah, but the monthly allowance for ephedra is more than enough for an eca stack of usually 60-75mg ephedra with 600mg caffeine per day. I am currently using Bronkaid.