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ECA Source for US Buyers? (Bronkaid/Primatine not options)


I wanted to try out an ECA stack for the first time in my training life, diet alone is just not cutting it at the moment after a 2-3 months of extremely disrupted schedules due to travel, work, and minor injuries.

Does anyone have a good source for Ephedrine supplements that can be shipped to the US? I know that Dubya and the renewed focus on meth production has made it a lot harder than it was a few years ago to come across it.

Edit: I live in Mississippi, where Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are both considered to be Schedule III drugs and nothing containing them can be bought without a prescription. As a side-effect, my DL cannot be used in any state to get Bronkaid/Primatine without said prescription.


You can buy ephedrine hcl at any drugstore for like $12. Bronkaid and primatine are the brands. You have to show your DL to get it and only buy 1 box at a time.

Aspirin and caffeine are readily available. You can thin your blood with fish oil instead of aspirin. Get a cheap blood pressure cuff. Some people are sensitive to the combo and you won’t know without testing. Keep BP under 120/80.


I should have mentioned… I live in Mississippi, no medicines containing ANY sort of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine can be purchased without a prescription. They’re considered to be Schedule III drugs by the state.

As a consequence, I can’t use my DL to purchase them ANYWHERE. I’ll edit my original post to note that.


Stop complicating your life and get Hot-Rox.

ECA is not a magic bullet.


What do you currently weigh? What’s your training and diet like?

Last April, you were 260 and measured ‘waist: 44" (below gut)’, which means it even wider around the gut. What kind of progress have you made in the last 10 months?

Like JFG said, ECA isn’t magic. If you’ve had 2-3 months of subpar training and diet and take ECA, then you’re still dealing with 2-3 months of subpar training and diet.

Nevermind the fact that this isn’t a source board and posts that try directing you to get illegal drugs aren’t going to be posted.


@Chris_Colucci - Fair enough, one more reason for me to get the hell out of the South.

I’m up to 270 at the moment, but the waist was down to 43" last time I looked. At least part of that loss came at a point when I wasn’t eating enough with how busy I was (<1500 cals regularly for 2-ish weeks) because my diet can swing bad both ways when things are crazy.

When I’m “regular”, I’m eating 2300-2500 calories per day and science (plus a year of Fitbit step/distance tracking) suggests that I burn about 3000 calories per day. Despite this, losses are hard and easily undone and have been ever since I got serious about training. Tweaking macros, amounts, etc. hasn’t done much to change either of those two facts, and any body comp changes I’ve made in that time (and it’s been significant) have always been based around diets on the extreme side of the spectrum (old V-Diet, PSMF) for the cutting portions.

Currently I take Hot Rox pre-workout with 1 scoop of Mag 10, and sip 2 scoops of Plazma with my workout, first thing in the morning. When I workout, I target high heart rate and keeping my breathing controlled, my sweat smells fairly strongly of ketones afterwards and I’ll still fight for 1 lb.

Really, I was just curious to see what effect ECA would have, compared to the Hot Rox, considering the evidence points to my gene/hormone profile not being great at fat loss. It’s been slightly annoying to have to go PSMF or V-Diet just to get somewhere.


Order some Clenbuterol. You can get it online. Mine is liquid and is advertised as a research chemical. Works great


I actually don’t lose weight with a “normal” deficit after the first month or so. I’ve tried calorie/carb cycling, fasting, keto… most everything. I just stall. Maybe my ancestors were terrible hunter gatherers and really efficient at not starving to death.

What does work for me is PSMF like Lysle McD’s RFL diet (or T-NATIONS velocity diet). I lose 10-15 lbs in a month and then find a new maintenance level of calories for a while. I try to push as high as I can and not gain more than water back. Once I get all my strength back and feel mentally recovered I’ll plan another PSMF. I will get flamed for offering this advice, but that’s what actually works for me.


[quote=“samdan, post:6, topic:225898”]
I’m up to 270 at the moment
I’m eating 2300-2500 calories per day[/quote]
Okay, so your body is almost certainly in full-blown panic mode due to calorie restriction. Like I said, you need to fix your overall approach, not jump right into serious pharmaceuticals and supplements. This article has some guidelines for sorting it out.

I suggest starting another thread that lays out your current training and diet so the gang can look it over and give more specific input.

Sorting out your hormones/T issues is definitely something to work on but, again, I think a lot can be done by dialing the diet and training.


Don’t do this, and don’t use an ECA stack. Your diet is clearly a total mess if you’re eating 2500 calories per day and maintaining a 270lbs bodyweight. Seriously man, the sort of difference either of these products will make on you, at this point, will be negligible.

Think about it this way. I’m sure you don’t believe that ECA alone will help you lose more than, say, 20 lbs on the very highest end. So let’s say that happens. Then what? Where do you go from there? You gonna stay on ECA for life? That’s a terrible idea. And you also won’t be in a position to lose anymore weight, because you’ll have already exhausted your strongest option.

Please, please, PLEASE take your diet more seriously.

If you want to figure out exactly where your dietary problems are, I would suggest posting every single thing you eat and drink in a thread for about a week. And eat the way you normally do, don’t try to make it look good for us. That’s the best way to figure out where your problems are.


Okay, that article is a little more spot on in terms of historical problems than I’d like it to be, so lets give that one a shot, eh?