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ECA = Gene Manipulation!!


I have long been a fan of the ECA Stack (25mg+300mg+200mg). I feel it is CONSIDERABLY safer than Clenbuterol and produces similar results. I still have a hard time convincing people not familiar with it how I can acheive a 10-15% increase in strength (1 rep max) IMMEDIATELY (ok, an hour later) after taking it. I am convinced of the effects it has on enhancing athletic performance. However, just recently (and I don't know how I missed this all this time), I have read a couple of research articles on how Beta-2 Agonists (ephedrine) can actually change Slow Twitch (Type I) Muscle Fibers to Fast Twitch (Type II) Muscle Fibers! Is it me or is this just INSANE? It's like Gene Doping in a pill!! Without getting into specifics, I am pretty sure it has been proven that most elite athletes in explosive strength sports such as sprinting, football and basketball have a much higher concentration of Fast Twitch (Type II) Muscle Fibers. I would think that the benefits of B-2 Agonists would be CONSIDERABLE to the "less genetically gifted athlete" who has fewer TYPE II fibers. Maybe it's just me, but this concept blows me away. Wondering what others think and if anyone has any experience with this topic.


I have read about this before, but don't remember where. Sounds extremely interesting though. Got any more info on it?


That's amazing. I knew nothing of this topic until the above post, I am just curious, how long has it been out and how long has it been used? Any known negative side effects?

I would be wary of taking any product that potent, because even if its positive attributes are that beneficial, for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction, e.g. I would imagine any negative side effects would be extremely bad.


Could you possibly post any links or maybe the names of these articles/researchers so that the rest of the people here may evaluate the research and its protocols?

I can understand increasing sympathetic agonists resulting in a higher drive to work harder that could lead to ultimately greater fast twitch mscle fibers, but changing the nature of a fiber....

I have never seen this accomplished from chemical means. (Usually these fibers are changed via higher neurologic center input as a result of adaptation)


An ECA stack is just Ephedrine+Caffeine+Aspirin....


I am having just as hard a time believing it as you are. I have read numerous articles about it through Internet Searches. My friend gave me a research article on it a while back that I'm trying to locate. Most recently, however, I read an article about it in this month's (February 2006) issue of Muscular Development. They site a research article dealing with clenbuterol and rats.


I've been using ECA for about 13 years, and have always noticed considerable strength increases from it's use. Sometimes I'll even add yohimbe to the stack because I read that yohimbe can re-stimulate attenuated(worn-out)adrenal receptors. The addition of yohimbe helps in the case of the athlete whose been using ephedrine for a while and doesn't notice the same kick anymore. The down side of adding yohimbe is that it sometimes causes over-stimulation. This can result in more intense heart palpitations and dizzy/lightheaded sensations.