ECA Cycling

I’ve been playing around with some stimulant-based fat burners recently. I won’t name other brands, but I’ve been trying HOT-ROX for around 5-6 weeks, and this last week I’ve tried an ECA stack pill instead.

My question is though, I know for some HOT-ROX style stimulants the cycling is recommended at about 8 weeks on / 4 weeks off, but what would you recommend for the ECA? And how would the fact that I’ve started it towards the end of a HOT-ROX stint affect this?

My 2 schools of thought are this: first, use ECA until your diet is over (4-12 weeks give or take). Since you’ve been using HOT-ROX for the last 5-6, use ECA for about 6 more. Second thought is a protocol the late Dan Duchaine mentioned years ago (and I am only going by memory as I have no urge to root through all my old MM2K mags)- use ECA until your body temp drops a degree or so for a few days straight. When it does, add yohimbine until your diet is finished. It may not be as useful as you’ve been on a thermogenic for 6 weeks already. Still something to try though.