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ECA and Blood Pressure


Just to clarify. Somebody who has high blood pressure should NOT take an ECA stack? I am thinking about it, but I have high blood pressure. Generally people who take this stack are obese. and Generally obese people have higher B.P. so should I avoid this stack for that reason? Or would it be worth a shot for a week.

I have a dr on campus I can go to weekly to moniter BP. I went in today for a test, and mentioned ephedrine. He said not good idea, but he also said it is illegal in Oregon and is considered a controlled substance if u have more than 9g. (Oregon has a huge Meth problem) which may explain why I couldnt find Vasopro in any of my pharmacies, and when I asked for it they looked at me weird.


Technically, that is the medically recommended answer. ECA stacks, according to most studies, raises BP for 2-4 weeks before it tends to normalize.

It also depends on how fast and how high you up the dosage.

It also depends on how high your BP is at present and what you would do to ensure it is controlled while taking E/C.

Overall if this is for fat loss, HOT-ROX would probably be a lot better unless you have problems controlling food intake. If this is the case E/C might be a better option since studies show that the vast majortity of weight lost due to E/C is brought on by its anorectic effects and not its thermogenic effects, which are pretty low. Mental boost maybe?

The doc is right still, doctors err on the side of caution, a do no harm kinda thing.

Good luck.


I dont have a problem controlling portions. My current Blood Pressure isnt much higher than normal. I plan on startin with maybe 1 dose a day for a couple days, then slowly upping it. I would moniter BP the whole time. I could do it daily if I had to at the store.

I was planning on buying some pure Ephedrine pills. 25mg each pill.
and 200mg doses of caffiene, and asprin.

I would probably start with just 25mg/200mg a day, then up it to 50/400(split up throughout the day) if I handled the 25/200 well.

I could get the ephedrine mailed to me here in Oregon through a place I found. And it wouldnt be 9g because it is a bottle of 200 25mg pills. Is 49.00 alot for 5grams of pure ephedrine? It is the only place I found that sells it pure.


Since an EC stack is just as effective as an ECA stack. I could even do an EC stack, and then take 100mg of aspirin every night to help lower BP.


I would definitely start with one 25mg dose per day, see how that affects your BP, then up it later, as you said.

By pure, do you mean the Ephedrine HCL that has Guaifenesin? That's what I use, and I think most do. Haven't found one that's "pure" ephedrine. In any case, I get mine for approx. $7.50-$8.00 for 48 tablets, so the price you have found is a bit higher, but not horrible.

I use Mega Pro Ephedrine HCL. If you use Google to find that phrase, you can find quite a few places that sell it.


Why not just go to the pharmacy and buy for around $5.99 a package of 48 Sudafed Severe Allergy, and a bottle of Excedrin Migraine for about $4 and use 2 Sudafed and 2 Excedrin twice a day, get the same effect for less money.


the stuff I found says specifically that it has no Guaifenesin.

"Ingredients: Ephedrine Hydrochloride 25mg

Non-Medical Ingredients: Cellose Micro, Starch, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Colloidal Silicondioxyde. "

I can also get a 100ct bottle for 30. but shipping is 15 bucks, so I had might as well get more if because I will regret it if I keep using it.. Though if I stop, i will regret it because I would have spent an extra 20.

I only plan on using this as an aid to help me lose my fat in addition to my diet and exercise, then I will rely on my exercise and diet to maintain it.


Because ephedrine and pseudoephedrine aren't the same thing.

Even the people that say that it can work, say that you need 3 times the pseudoephedrine (90mg instead of 25mg) to have the effect of ephedrine. Plus, pseudoephedrine won't act as an appetite suppressant.


RTL- have you found any places that sell ephedrine in the stores? Or is my dr right about the complete ban in oregon.

When I went to riteaid, I saw they had psuedophedrine on the shelves, and the bronchial inhalers. They just didnt have the pill form.


I typically buy most things over the internet anyway, so I haven't actually looked in the stores for them.

I would imagine they don't sell them though.


I'd suggest giving your new diet and workout plan a shot without the Ephedrine, first.

With proper food and plenty of exercise your blood pressure is very likely to normalize. You'll also learn how to lose weight without supplementary help.

Then, if you still felt it was necessary, you could always do this a month or two down the road. Don't worry about finding the "magic pill" that will make all the difference.

All you need is hard work and consistency.


lol youre in canada. you must not be familiar with americans and their need for instant gratisfaction. Yea i was actually just double thinking my eca idea. I may go with a low does next month though i dont SEE a noticeable diff. But i definately should get results since im working hard.


I understand they aren't the same thing, and I realise the effect isn't exactly the same but it is close, actually the closest I have found since the Ephedra ban.