ECA After Effects?

hey guys, i bin looking for a thread on the after effects of eca but cant find one.

i realise its a mild stimulant but im wondering what happens to metabolism after you end the cycle, does it slow down beyond normal levels for a weeks afterwards?

i dont want to go from faster metabolism to suddenly slower than what i am now?!

cheers for any advise


I’d believe that if you took it for short periods, then I don’t believe that it will affect your metabolism at all.

i have read but dont have 1st hand knowledge that there can be a rebound affect as in you gain some fat quickly after stopping the ECA but if your diets in check and your not “on” for a long time i dont see how that can be a problem, actually ill be trying ECA for the 1st time next month.

ah ok, well its my first time using it and im gonna do bout 3-4 weeks on it. thanks for ideas

[quote]tenakakhan wrote:
ah ok, well its my first time using it and im gonna do bout 3-4 weeks on it. thanks for ideas[/quote]

thats short enough so i doubt you will face any problems, but you should try 2 weeks on 2 weeks of, for 8 weeks, so your total weeks “On” so to speak will be 4, from the info i have gathered that seems to be the best way.

There shouldn’t be a significant decrease in metabolism after you stop using it. Even the slight metabolism increase isn’t that much, around the magnitude of ~+5% if I’m not mistaken. So you shouldn’t worry about any rebound effects unless you suddenly go from a 1000 calorie deficit + ECA to a 1000 calorie excess without ECA. I believe that it is better if you ease into the transition.

I’ve used ECA before and I think that the appetite suppresent effect is more beneficial to me than the thermogenic effect, though the effect can wear off over time.

Some more info on ECA: