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EC Stack

Would the EC stack provide fat loss without doing cardio ? I mean, would a good training session combined with EC and good nutrition provide considerable fat loss or it would be a loss of money not to do cardio while on the stack ?

Ephedrine and Caffeine are cheap. You can substitute real coffee for the caffeine, and 300 x 8mg or ephedrine (150 doses), will cost you about $12. The problem is, using this stack constantly is a bad idea; it makes you edgy, and temporarily impotent. Soooo, what a good idea is to do is to take it before every weight training session, which is a GREAT way to get pumped up for your training. I know it makes me go crazy in the gym. :0)
It’s not really necessary to take it if you’re only gonna do cardio, IMHO.

That was going to be a “El_Mac stupid question of the week” (something I do when I know nothing about a topic). I’ve noticed that no one seems to put thermogenics into their caloric requirement calculations. I don’t really know what they do.

If they increased calories burned per day, then you should be able to burn more fat by having a morning coffee. It sure doesn’t seem that way…

Thermogenics mobilize fatty acids to be burned during exercise. If you are not doing a weight training routine that is going to burn a significant amount of calories, then its a waste in my opinion. When dieting, you probably are either doing a lactic acid workout, such as Meltdown, or a strength training workout. If doing Meltdown, then I’d say yea, that would work. If doing a strength training routine, then I would deem cardio neccesary to see fat loss and would recommend taking the stack pre cardio.