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EC Stack Experience - Hunger


I started an EC stack yesterday, and I'm still on the low dosage, tapering it up over a couple of days. The one thing that I really noticed was that my hunger was significantly blunted yesterday (and today so far). I'm wondering from those of you who have used EC stacks before, do the appetite suppression effects go away over time, or do they remain during the cycle of the stack? I'm actually pleased with the appetite suppression because that is what makes cutting the hardest for me.


In my experience, the hunger suppression remains as long as you take it.

Eating is the last thing on my mind for the 3-4 hours after I take EC...


Thanks for the feedback man, that's actually good news to me.


I have found about the same. I think over time the duration of the suppression reduces, but I have always had that 3-4 hr. For hunger suppression, I have also tended to keep my cutting diets high intakes of veggies (2+ lbs/day), protein, fiber and water.


Thanks, this is only my fourth day, and I took the first "full" dose this morning, and I have absolutely no interest in food. An interesting side note is that it kills cravings as well. I don't even think about sweets or anything like that. It's pretty impressive how powerful this stack is.


It doesn't suppress my hunger all that much to be honest. I sometimes take ~100mg caffeine/25mg ephedrine hcl before I go into work. It never gives me too drastic of an effect..neither in terms of hunger suppression nor energy really. I notice it..but, it's not that major.


It's good at appetite suppression, but I do get acclimated to it. This is okay, you don't want to be dieting forever. I'd start at 2 1/2 tabs (20mg) 3x day with caffeine at 200mg per dose, then after a month- 2 months I will not get the same kick at all from it, feel demotivated, lack enthusiasm (basically normal when you're eating a deficit of kcals and doing plenty of cardio).

I just increase to 24 mg. When that fails, 28. Never rushed to up the dosages, and never exceeded 36mg per dose (I can't imagine having to, dieting is usually done long before that).

Then I cut out the E, leaving only the C at 200mg 3x day while removing the doses back down, only much quicker this time, for example 32mg for 3 days, 28 mg for 3 more days, etc etc, so you don't suddenly have raging hunger/ no energy when ending the diet. Works well


Good tips, thanks for the advice.