EC Stack? (Ephedrine + Caffeine)

Hey everyone, so I bought some Ephedrine today cause I read all good things about this while cutting, anyone have experience? thoughts?



What are the good things you read about it?

good luck with your heart attacks goal of 2018…

Just playing for some guys it can help shed that last little bit of fat, I would be a little careful with it though. Beta 2 agonist can have some not cool side effects

I used ephedrine in the 90’s when I was in my 30’s. Great workouts but that shit gave me bph that has never gone away. Use with caution.

How do you know that ephedrine gave you bph? An enlarged prostate is just a part of getting older for a lot of dudes. Granted ephedrine may actually be know to do that and I’ve just never heard of that side effects and looking like a muppet right now

Edit: just looked it up and ephedrine has been shown to worsen bph. So nvm lol

General Guideline Dosage

  1. 200 mg of Caffeine

  2. 24 mg of Ephedrine

However, it traditionally come in 12.5 mg tablets; this makes hard to take 20 mg.

  1. Aspirin 81 mg

Fat Burning

The ECA (Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin) combination increase your caloric expenditure around 80 - 100 calories a day, as with most thermogenic supplements.

That means in a perfect world, you end decreasing your body fat approximately one pound a month.

Thus, as bigmanfootball67 stated, “It can help shed that last bit of fat, …”

Calorie Intake Is The Key To Fat Loss

“Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University” proved to his students the weight loss begin by decreasing calories.

Haub lost 27 lb by consuming junk food in a calorie deficit.

“The Twinkie Diet”

Take Home Message

  1. ECA can can provide some assistance in fat loss. However, it isn’t going to be that much.

  2. Exercise falls into the same area as ECA for fat loss, it does little to burn calories. Exercise assist in decreasing body fat.

Some of the primary benefits of Exercise is Muscle Preservation, Increasing Insulin Sensitivity, and Increased Metabolic Rate.

With that said, I’ve taken the ECA Stack since the 1990’s. I use as a pre-workout supplement,not for weight loss.

Kenny Croxdale

Cool, glad to see you looked it up. I was 32 at the time so that’s not exactly old.

Thanks for the information man, i appreciate it !!