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EC or ECA? 1st Timer


started taking an ECA stack a week ago. did a few searches on here and on the net about taking an ECA stack. many suggest taking just E&C. some say E&C&A. what's the real deal? those who have experiance with an ECA stack. any advice would be great. I noticed great appetite supression with 25mg E , 200 mg C , & 81mg ASA twice a day. but come evening time my appetite is insane! any suggestions? And what doseage of ephedrine and caffeine is safe? F0mg Ehpedrine and 400 mg caffeiene ok?


curious what doses of eca people are or have been taking?


I personally do not feel as though the aspirin is necessary. I’d stick with 25mg twice a day and caffeine at 200mg twice a day.


I’ve tried that and rarely noticed much. is it safe to do 50mg & 400 mg twice a day?


Check this out: http://www.hotnfit.com/ecstack.htm it has pretty good dosing guidelines.

You can build up to 25mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3 times daily, but I would highly suggest you follow the guidelines on the site to reach that level.

Also make sure you understand the type of ephedrine you are taking: HCL or Sulfate.

Also: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ECA+site%3Atmuscle.com


Might be a double post…

First read this site: http://www.hotnfit.com/ecstack.htm
It has excellent dosing parameters, and answers your questions about aspirin (it’s not really necessary unless you are really, really overweight).

This can also help you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ECA+site%3Atmuscle.com


I first learned of ECA from reading Dan Duchaine articles/books. His Body Opus suggested 50 mgs E with 200 mgs of C 3 times a day. I have used that dosage in the past.

As for the aspirin, buy regular aspirin and cut them in 1/2 (or 1/4 if you are really picky). Those “low dose” 81 mg aspirin are a complete rip off as far as price per mg.

I never noticed any difference in fat loss when I stopped adding the aspirin (from reading old MM2K that mentioned that aspirin wasn’t really needed, etc). There may (and probably is) updated info about ECA but I’m not ever in the position where I need to google it.