EC Bicep Pain


I was doing curls the other day and after I was done I started to have a pain in my arm that is difficult to pinpoint. It is painful to pronate and especially supinate the forarm. It really hurts when my hand is either pronated and especially semi-supinated when my bicep has completed a concentric contraction or at the end of an eccentric contraction.


What types of curls were you doing?

What grip were you using?

curls on the Scott bench with a supinated grip.

Pain in one arm? Or both? Is it a shooting type of pain that seems to start around the elbow and extends through the forearm?

Or is it in the bicep leading up to the shoulder? Maybe some other sort of pain?

The pain is in my right arm only and the pain is pin pointed.

Did this just start up all at once, or did it kick in hours after the session?

I started feeling it the last 5 minutes of the workout.

I think that distal biceps tendonosis is the most likely culprit. Give this a read; it’s pretty thorough:

Thanks you are a stud.