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Ebb and Flow of Powerlifting

My last log is pretty lengthy so I figured I’d start up a new one.

I am currently 2 weeks out from my next meet. November 22nd SPF South of the Border in Memphis TN.

I train at NBS Fitness in Memphis and I am a member of the NBS Powerlifting team.

We followed a concurrent based training method for over a year before switching to Triphasic training by Cal Dietz modified to our needs by David Allen Owner of NBS Fitness. David decided that the majority of the team members could not Lift heavy Monday and Wednesday then have any energy left for dynamic days. Plus programming out accessories was a bit of a challenge.

Overall the Triphasic has had some great results and will see those benefits on the platform soon.

I am currently nursing some overly beat up Psoas hoping to be ready for a final training week next week then deloading for the meet.

Estimated Openers are 440, 250, 495

My bench is pretty terrible but ever increasing, it responded really well to this training cycle, hopefully soon it’ll become more acceptable.

Hey buddy. Good to see you in this section, now I can keep up with your training.

Good luck with the last few weeks of your meet prep!

If you need any advice on lifting big weights, smashing PRs, squat and deadlift technique, or just how to be a badass, let me know. David Allen learned most of what he knows from reading my log anyway.

Cheers P-dub.

Lol, Thanks Serge. With this week being the final week of meet prep I am going to attempt squatting today. If warmups feel okay I will most likely push the heavy attempt to later in the week just to make sure I have ample recovery.

I have been hitting the soft tissue hard the past few days and feeling pretty close to normal.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have not been doing anything.

I made the decision to compete this weekend and my body is feeling pretty good. I haven’t trained in 3 weeks and I’m not 100% certain of where my lifts are, so this should be fun.

After talking it over with a teammate my openers are:


From there the thought is 480 270 510

Then if all goes well 500 280 530

Whew, I haven’t been around logging in a while. My November meet did not go well. 2 weeks out from the meet after pulling 505 my SI exploded all over the place. It was a last minute decision to try and compete, warm ups felt great, Lowered my opener to 430 to play it safe and while waiting for first attempt my SI started to lock up.

I passed after trying my opener twice and stuck around to help at the meet.

I started Dieting in December at 218 and began a meet prep for sometime in April/May. Ended up doing the West Little Rock SPF meet April 25th.

Weighed in at 180.0 only had to skip my last meal on Thursday. Down 38lbs in 20 weeks. Not too bad. I ate like crap Friday and Saturday, refilled my glycogen stores for sure.

Hovering around 184 still as of today.

I ended up with a 50lb meet total PR and a meet pr in squat and deadlift. Not bad for -40lbs of BW.

As of right now I’m continuing to Diet, we’ve made some changes, mainly some carb cycling and upped the conditioning and steady state cardio.

I am doing the Reactive Pump Hypertrophy program for 6 weeks before a beach vacation to take a break from power lifting and hopefully lean out a bit more and put on a bit of muscle if we’re lucky.

It’s a total shock to my system right now. I likely wont log these unless something magical happens or I tweak something in the programming I want to remember for future reference.

20 weeks up to the meet.
218 - 180

20 weeks up to the meet.
218 - 180

20 weeks up to the meet.
218 - 180

Bathroom lighting, Arm training, Super set abs between arms, throw in a filter and fat guys have abs.

for those not familiar the reactive pump is as follows:

Monday Heavy Legs
Tuesday Heavy chest/shoulders
Wednesday Off
Thursday Heavy Back
Friday Chest/Shoulder pump
Saturday Arms
Sunday Off

My conditioning looks like this:
Monday: 20 minutes SS in the morning
Tuesday: 6 prowler sprints after your workout
Wednesday: 10 prowler sprints, 30 minutes steady state
Thursday: 6 prowler sprints after your workout
Friday: 20 minutes SS in the morning
Saturday: 6 prowler sprints after your workout
Sunday: 10 prowler sprints, 30 minutes steady state

Week 2 of reactive hypertrophy is coming towards a wrap. A few things I’ve learned and noticed.

My left lat doesn’t like to contract as hard as my right
My lats are tight
Combining abs with prowler sprints ( ala CT’s Ab Shredder ) is brutal and effective
John Meadows is a mad man
Chain deadlifts are fun until they aren’t
I really hate constant tension barbell pressing
I need bigger triceps
Loaded stretches are horrible but seems to work really effectively

Week 2 ended with a huge success. 181.5 BW while looking much leaner.

More work to be done. 2 Cardio sessions down for the week meadows legs tonight.

Week 3 is going pretty well. My legs are pretty beat up from Monday’s training and 2x prowler sprint sessions.

BW this AM pre cardio was 180.5, I expect I’ll dip below 180 come weigh in Sunday morning. I’m able to complete these training sessions is much less than 90 minutes which is pretty cool. I can go non-stop and push the rest periods and just run with the pump. Depending on how I look come vacation I may stick with hypertrophy and finish leaning out. Maybe I’ll be close to 165.

Thought I’d do a quick breakdown of my calories:

Sunday and Wednesday: 1675

Monday and Thursday: 2085

Tuesday and Friday: 1960

Saturday: 1840

I’m doing 100 minutes of Steady State and 38 prowler sprints throughout the week.

Hopefully soon we’ll start reverse dieting and bumping the nutrients up.

Sundays weight - 178

Week 3 of reactive pump went well. Going to try and push a bit harder the next 3 weeks, training alone leaves a bit of wiggle room for taking too long of a rest, maybe cutting a rep short when going to failure, etc.

Everyone thinks they train hard, rarely do they train hard enough.

If strength stays relatively the same and i keep dropping fat, maybe we’ll take a run at 165.

The plan was to start reverse dieting after vacation but if I’m closer to 170 when I leave, we could in theory keep me around there and build strength up and push for 165 in September for my next meet.

Speaking of Meets, headed up to eliteFTS june 27th for the PLE2. Didn’t get to make the first one last year but I’ve been to a few of the LTTs so it should be a good time. I don’t expect to hit my best numbers but I’ll be some good feed back to see how the weight drop has affected me and give me some technique advice that my every day folks might be missing.

Looking forward to training back with the group for powerlifting too after this hypertrophy break.

I can say I’ve been pushing harder this week, upping my weights trying to milk a few extra reps on dropsets or failure sets. I’m toast.

Last night during my post workout sprint/ab session my abs locked up on me. It took me a solid 10 minutes for them to uncramp. I did 4 more prowler sprints without abs and headed home. Crashed early and got up for todays sprints/SS ended up just doing SS, my body just isn’t recovered.

I’ll go back tonight and do a little extra SS and probably some extra chest volume on the sled. No carb day today. Yipee!

Weighed in at 177 this week. Had to weigh in a day early due to some travel and a planned cheat meal was happening Saturday night.

Workouts last week felt great, legs yesterday started off great. Hoping to keep the pace up through next weekend. Beach time is fast approaching.

My eventually goals include single ply power lifting, however before I can do that I need to really master my body composition a bit more and build up my base strength. Once I return from vacation and begin upping the food intake a bit hopefully we’ll see continued improvements. My meet is scheduled for Sept 19th, RPS meet just outside of cinci.

Weight was 180 this week. Not overly concerned, I had to force myself to do my steady state cardio in the mornings, I just didn’t have the drive to do it.

Workouts all went great though. Last week starts today, then vacation, then back to powerlifting. Sadly I’ll miss most of the eccentric triphasic phase.