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Eazy Bar Curls


Is it just me or do any of you hate the term eazy bar.If they were eazy or if using that type of bar made the lift easier they probably wouldnt yield results.Now i know its called an eazy bar because it is easy on youre wrists but it sounds wimpy.

I have allways refered to it as bent bar,i would never say yeah im gonna do some deadlifts squats,then some eazy bar curls.Its a bent bar!!


The name originated from the design, making it "easier" on the wrists when curling...The proper nomenclature for the device is "kambered" or "cambered curling bar", "EZ curl bar" is slang....




Who cares what its called, just do em'.

Nothing sissy about sissy squats.

If you want, change the name to "I'm gonna fuck you up tough guy curls". They're just words ...do what you want with them. There's no rules here.



Its easy to curl that thing. What is it, 20 pounds?


At my gym most of my guys call them 'bastard curls'

Truly one of the hardest biceps movements around.


I've heard it called "bent bar" and it's always sounded awkard. It's just using a descriptor word, I'd be like walking around the gym saying "are you using these round dumbbells", or "add another heavy plate on the bar". I don't know what im talking about, it just sounds wierd.


I usually call it the "curling bar" though, ofcourse, it has many uses.


I'm, with Merlin, who cares what it's called though folks do have their pet peeves, myself included.


Its shape sorta resembles the "Z" shape, so calling it EZ isn't a bad idea coz you can't spell EZ without Z. Haha.

BTW, I use the EZ bar for Zercher squats.


Actually they're typically 17.5 pounds, but who's counting.


Damn. The sign says 20 pounds at my gym. I just got 2.5 pounds weaker.


You have signs at your gym that tell the weights of the bars?

You know, I was going to make fun of that, until I realized that I answer "seventenn and a half pounds", "thirty two pounds", and "forty five pounds. The big silver ones are all forty five pounds" about 85 times a day.

Maybe I need to make some signs for my gym, so I can stop getting the 'seventeen and a half pounds!? Why the half pound? Couldn't they just round it off?? Gee willickers!'


Even EZier then.


It is laminated and everything. I wish they would tell me the weight of the spring collars so I could count them too.


Yeah and make sure you clean off the chalk and for heaven's sake don't sweat on the bar while lifting it =]


Ok ok i will keep it to myself.But undeadlift did remind me that i actually use the bent bar once in a while for bent rows griped in the middle where the v comes together....Whatever


It can be used for EZ upright rows too for those who tolerate them well.