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Eau Claire, WI

Is anybody on this site from Eau Claire or lifts in Eau Claire, WI?

I don’t live there, but I’ll be there next week on an appoinment at PowerTex. I’m looking at a gym to train at while I’m there.

Any suggestions?


There is a guy who lives in Eau Claire.

I believe his ‘name’ is analog-kid.

I’m over in Stevens Point, and we have communicated.

I don’t think I’m giving out info he wouldn’t want, and I’m sure he can help you get a gym. They do have a y there. I don’t know much about it, it’s been 5-6 years since I’ve been over there.

I lift at Gold’s which is alright. There is also a Highland Fitness. These two are more on the main drag of Eau Claire so they are relatively easy to get to.

Then if you’re looking for more of an underground type training spot there is a place called Extreme Fitness but they don’t have tons of stuff but it’s not bad. They are missing power racks for squats but it works.

Daily Prices:
Golds $7.00
Highland $7.00 (I think)
Extreme Fitness: $5.00
YMCA $7.00

Gold’s and Highland are probably the best choices. I might be able to hook you up with a couple guest passes for Golds if you’re interested.

It’s kind of interesting that you are from Stevens Point. I did my undergrad there from 1998-2003. The U has a nice facility there for lifting.

I lift at the Gold’s there. It’s not bad. There are 3 squat racks and at least one is usually open(while the other 2 some bone head is doing curls). I’m the tall guy doing full body workouts, my name in real life(at least that is what everyone calls me) is Matt.

However, DO NOT go anytime from 3pm to 7pm on the weekdays, you will not get shit done as the place is packed.

What time do you usually lift at Golds? I’m usually there between 3 & 7 which is rough. When I’m motivated I make it there by 5:30a.

However, I’ve noticed that on my squat and dead days I never have to wait… Coincidence, maybe. I rarely see anybody doing squats/deads etc, except the for the dedicated people there.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for you next time. I’m usually wearing some old wrestling shirt, headphones one, and super-setting.

I’m having my second go at TBT so I’m there Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. Around 8pm or so Tuesdays and Fridays and around 11 on Sundays. I wear sleevless shirts to show off my huge arms and do quarter squats;) And always wear a nasty yellow hat that I have had for years and have never washed.

[quote]winchell_j wrote:
It’s kind of interesting that you are from Stevens Point. I did my undergrad there from 1998-2003. The U has a nice facility there for lifting.[/quote]

Yes–it’s actually a very nice set up. And because of the athletes that use it, it has like 6 squat racks and 20,000 lbs of weights so you never have to wait. Good tunes too.

And every now and then a knockout coed.

It was nice not having to wait for racks except when the football team was in the gym. They had so much stuff there working out was easy.

There was the occasional co-ed, sometimes few and far between but they existed. Of course, we had some T-Vixens there too.

There were a couple of guys there that trained for competition. The one guy worked the desk I think his name was Shaun. He was one big SOB but nice as hell.