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I was wondering if theres a reason that sometimes I'm able to eat a 700-800 calorie meal with no problems and then theres other times where I eat 500 calories and have to lie down because I'm so full. Whats the deal?!

I've heard somebody say before (don't flame me if its waaaaay off) that your stomach is like a balloon in that if you eat a whole lot one meal, your stomach will be stretched out. And consequently you'll be able to eat more the next meal.

Like I said, its probably hokey, so don't flame me. That was just the only explanation I could think of. If somebody could give me a more scientific explanation why sometimes I'm able to eat more and other times less, then it would be greatly appreciated.


Can you give some examples? Some foods are going to expand more in your stomach than others. As far as I can think, these would be mostly carbs-rich foods. Like rice, I feel intensely full after eating rice.

This is my best guess.


I was thinking there might be a correlation between that but there have been times where I'll eat 9 oz grilled chicken and a can of yams, and yes, I'll get really full, but I won't feel like I'm gonna puke if I eat another bite.

Earlier today, I was eating 1 cup cottage cheese with a can of yams. I started eating the yams first and about 1/4 of the way through the can I started feeling full.

So you're right, it probably does have to do with carbs. But as illustrated above, sometimes I can eat a shitload of carbs and finish the meal feeling like a hummingbird.


A lot of it has to do with food density. Think about this...a 4 oz hamburger pattie and 1 oz of nuts can have shitloads of calories but it's small (ie. calorically dense). So you'd likely not feel full. But a meal of 1/2 cup cottage cheese, a protein shake, 2 Tbsp of flax, and 2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter, is not very calorically dense. So even though they're roughly the same number of calories (give or take some), you might feel more stuffed after the second. That's why when you eat shitloads of veggies you feel full. Not very dense in calories, so you have to eat tonnes to get a couple hundred calories.

That's my opinion for anyone who cares : )