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Eating Yogurt From Number 6 Plastic

I’ve been eating yogurt that used to come in plastic 5 containers and now I looked and find out it now comes in plastic 6. Is it safe to eat, or am I better off not eating it? All the meat I buy comes in the plastic foam now too and no store anywhere close packages meat any other way. Obviously, I’m not heating the containers up. I’m not sure how stable the food is at low temperature, which yogurt has to be at anyway and meat for that matter.

Why do you feel the need to eat yogurt?

Just buy the OUI it comes in glass jars.

Oui, but The sugar outnumbers the protein 3 to 1…

Siggis for the win. Large tub of plain is 3 servings, 28g protein/serving.

He was worried about the plastic, not the nutrition label. Not my problem.

Eat the plastic. No need to worry about the yogurt. Problem solved


Bruh lol