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Eating With An Inconsistent Schedule

How do you guys eat?

This is for you guys that are constantly on the move or have a very inconsistent work schedule.

When do you prep?

Do you eat out a lot?

My job has been a lot more like this lately and I’ve caught myself eating more jerky, nuts, fruits, etc than usual.

I’m a chef. Always have food around prepped is the key.

Tupperware in the freezer full of goodies helps a lot.


When you mean freezer full of goodies, does that meal you prep your meals and just freeze them so they are grab and go?


Chicken, rice, veggies is my staple

[quote=“john219, post:5, topic:235902”]

I always try to eat more in the Morning, two eggs without yolk, 1 apple, 1 glass of milk, 1 piece of chicken often and 1 piece of bread[/quote]

Fat Phobic

Ironically, you are throwing away the most nutritious part of the egg, the yoke.

Secondly, fat (especially saturate fats) are necessary for hormonal production, testosterone.

Poster Child

You’re the Poster Child for a poor diet.

Kenny Croxdale

I’ve always found nutrient content to be far more important than nutrient timing. I have had absurdly busy times where I only managed to eat dinner – I still progressed, because that dinner included sufficient calories.

Basically, I don’t really stress about my inconsistent schedule, I just work eating into it where it’s most convenient. Would it be optimal to prep food and carry tupperware around? Probably. But I don’t feel the need to go that far.